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  • slewing ring soft zone


    The raceway tracks of a slewing ring are hardened,the process of hardening these has a beginning an a end as the hardening may not overlap there is a small gap where there is no hardening. That is the so called soft zone of the slewing ring. This position is marked on the outside of every slewing ri

  • Slewing drive application


    Slewing drive has reverse self-locking because of worm gear drive with reverse self-locking characteristics. This feature greatly enhances the stability of the host operating and safety factor. Compared to the traditional swing products, slewing drive gearbox is easy to install, easy to maintain, an

  • Slewing Bearing Repair


    we repairs and recondition all various types of slewing bearing, regrinding and rebuilding of slewing ring bearing, our repair team assesses the condition of the slewing ring bearing and will recommend a repair program that best meets the needs of each customer as per the working condition of the sl

  • The world highest Ferris wheel-High Roller


    The rotation of Ferris wheel involves rotary motion, and its core power device is mainly high duty high quality slewing bearing and hydraulic drive.

  • The Correct Storage Method For Slewing Bearing


    Slewing rings are coated with anti-rust oil , and wrapped with a film in the factory. Such a package is usually valid for 3-6 months antirust.As long as the relative humidity does not exceed 60% of the storage compartment , the temperature changes within(20 ± 10), slewing ring general ...

  • Heat Treatment Of Slewing Bearing Steel


    Heat treatment of slewing bearing steel is to put solid metal or alloy into certain medium then undergoes three process: heating, heat preservation, and cooling to change steel organization and get required performance....

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