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  • The Correct Storage Method For Slewing Bearing


    Slewing rings are coated with anti-rust oil , and wrapped with a film in the factory. Such a package is usually valid for 3-6 months antirust.As long as the relative humidity does not exceed 60% of the storage compartment , the temperature changes within(20 ± 10), slewing ring general ...

  • Heat Treatment Of Slewing Bearing Steel


    Heat treatment of slewing bearing steel is to put solid metal or alloy into certain medium then undergoes three process: heating, heat preservation, and cooling to change steel organization and get required performance....

  • What Is The Principle Of Slewing Drive


    Slewing drive, also known as rotary gear device, rotary drive device, rotary drive vice, slewing reducer, such as rotary turntable, rotation drive of the main components are: rotary bearing, worm, casting base and some standard parts such as bearings, bolts, etc. Rotary drive device using axle movem

  • Analyzing The Operation State Of A Slewing Drive


    With China's rapid development of the slewing drive technology, many high-tech technology is increasingly used in industrial production, accelerate the construction of China's industrial automation pace, improve the efficiency of industrial production. But in different mechanical production, errors

  • Judgment Method Of Turntable Bearing Working Status


    Firstly, we can judge the turntable bearing working according to its vibration condition. Generally, vibration condition changes when bearing failure happens. We have strengthen observation of vibration in order to find vibration anomalies at the...

  • The Recognition Methods For Turntable Bearings'Failure


    The Recognition Methods for turntable bearings'failure. For tuntable bearings and slewing bearings identification of a fault in the same way, so you can judge turntable bearing failure according to some conditions.By voice recognition...

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