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Hot Sale Single Row Ball Turntable Slewing Ring Bearing UNIC 330

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Compared to other rolling-element bearings, slewing bearings are thin in section and are often made in diameters of a metre or more; the slewing bearings on the Falkirk Wheel are 4 metres diameter and fit over a 3.5 metre axle. Slewing bearings resemble oversize aircraft control surface bearings.
Slewing bearings often use two rows of rolling elements. They often use three race elements, such as an inner ring and two outer ring "halves" that clamp together axially.

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The installation position of slewing ring lower soft zone should be determined according to the gravity center of the equipment and the range of rotation angle. If the slewing angle of about 100 degrees, slewing above part of the larger center of gravity position in the front, it is recommended that the slewing ring lower ring soft zone installed in the rear, namely 180 degrees position. If the rotation of the above part of the center of gravity change position in the front and rear position is equal, you can install the lower ring soft zone angle position.

During Slewing bearing installation,it is important to handle slewing ring soft zone installation in good angle control, maintain the normal operation of machinery, it could increase slewing ring service life. Slewing bearing is an important part to connect the slewing part and fixed part of the machine, slewing bearing complex, to withstand the vertical force, horizontal force and overturning torque, so it should pay attention to the slewing bearing installation and slewing bearing operation problem, Otherwise, there are hazards due to installation errors and improper use.


The cutting test of CNC vertical lathes pays much attention to the roughness of the workpiece's end face and outer circle, and one of the keys to determine its performance is the rigidity of the system. The rigidity of the system includes the rigidity of the frame structure, the rigidity of the slewing bearing, etc. The rigidity of the slewing bearing often depends on slewing bearing axial preload.

Therefore, it is very important to consider the influence of temperature and load, and set the axial preload of the slewing bearing.


The slewing bearing shaft mounting surfaces and gear ring require flatness, perpendicularity, roundness and cylindricity that are consistent with precision slewing bearings. Controlling these form and position tolerances not only provides better assembly accuracy, but also avoids stress concentrations caused by excessive eccentricity of the slewing ring inner and outer ring and prolongs the service life of the slewing bearing. Regarding the processing standards of form and slewing ring position tolerances, it is recommended to consult us directly to match their slewing bearing accuracy.

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