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Slewing drive for machine parts and replacement

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According to the variable speed drive of rotation drive form, can be divided into type rotary gear rotation drive and the worm and worm wheel drive, inherit the characteristics of gear transmission and worm gear and worm drive each, are the two kinds of rotation drive can be adapted to high speed and low speed applications, in terms of bearing capacity, performance is superior to the tooth worm gear and worm type, and when envelope worm drive is used, its bearing capacity, deformation resistance and transmission have further improve rigidity, but the worm gear and worm type rotary drive are inferior to tooth rotation drive in terms of efficiency.

As aforesaid, rotation drive is a highly integrated the week rotary retarding mechanism, its characteristic is more than that, the largest and the smallest part of the rotary drive can drive and load gap several times, but their size and axial size difference is not big, especially the transmission chain so that it is beneficial to the structure of serial transmission connection parts flat, making the whole machinery and equipment also is able to narrow.

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