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  • slewing ring bearings for mining shovels


    Slewing bearing for mining shovels solutions in excavators, bucket wheel excavators and stacker / reclaimers are vital for the performance and reliability of the machines. slewing bearing solutions are available in different designs to meet the requirements of mini excavators as well as giant shovel Read More

  • The life of slewing ring bearings


    Premature failure is a common fate for large-diameter bearings in heavy-duty applications where rotations are frequent. In big rotating equipment such as cranes, excavators and tunnel boring machines, a slewing ring bearing( must simu Read More

  • Slewing ring bearing Standard


    Current single row ball slewing bearing( follows two industry standards JJ36.1-91 "Slewing Bearing for Construction Machinery" and JB/T 2300-2011 "Slewing Bearing". At present, except Read More

  • Turntable Bearing tooth making process and Forging Material Selection


    The Material Selection of turntable slewing bearing forging should be based on the use occasion, importance, process conditions and equipment capacity of the manufacturer as well as the cost level. Firstly, the turntable slewing bearing requires the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of st Read More

  • Slewing bearing raw material


    1.The slewing bearing components and slewing bearing raw material materialsUnder normal circumstances, the slewing bearing raw material is 50Mn, but sometim Read More

  • Slewing Bearing Environment


    The slewing ring environment and using temperature:The slewing ring working temperature is normally from -300C to +700C. If the user needs to adapt to the lower or higher temperature slewing bearing, our company can carry out special design. Slewing bearings can be used in particularly harsh slewing Read More

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