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Strict Quality Inspection

Slewing Bearing Working Life Test

   We Wanda use advanced analytical tools and calculations to understand, test, and recommend the best possible slewing bearing solution for each customer and application.
   Slewing bearing working life test confirms that any changes to components, materials, or manufacturing process won't negatively impact the bearing's characteristics. slewing bearing working life test are not just theoretical computations, like those cited by other manufacturers, they have been proven in exhaustive testing.
  • Working life Inspection Report
   We Wanda can do slewing bearing working life testing, the slewing bearing rotating on the testbed with customer’s axial load, radial load & tilting moment.Bearings, gears, bolts, and assemblies are evaluated on several factors that can impact performance, including strength and integrity, load and speed, torque and vibration, metallurgic and dimensional characteristics, and environmental impacts. Extensive testing is conducted to verify performance claims, ensure that custom specifications are met, and analyze failure and wear.
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