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  • Five precautions for slewing bearing disassembly and assembly


    The importance of the slewing bearing( of the excavator is self-evident. Various loads and moments on the working device need to be transmitted to the underframe through the slewing bearing. Because the slewing ring carries the overload work, it is also the part of the excavator Read More

  • CME observation: about 50000 excavators sold in April in China


    After grass root investigation and market research, CME estimated that China's excavator (including export) sales volume was about 50000 in April 2021, with a year-on-year growth of about 10.07%.From the perspective of market:The estimated sales volume of domestic market is 45000, with a growth rate Read More

  • Rotary Bearing Structure And Sealing Form For Excavator


    Rotary Bearing Structure And Sealing Form For ExcavatorExcavator can rotate left and right in the work, cannot do without the rotary device, rotary bearing is an important part of the rotary mechanism. Excavator slewing drive is usually composed of worm, slewing support, shell, motor and other compo Read More

  • Slewing bearing process--Heat treatment


    Slewing bearing process--Heat treatmentAs the most professional slewing bearing manufacturer( in Xuzhou, our company has a special slewing bearing process flow chart, which will also be displayed in the workshop.For the slewing ring of our company's OTS project, we will have the Read More

  • Slewing ring bearing market situation in March 2021


    Slewing ring bearing as the core part of turntable unit, it is the most important part for Excavators. The market demand for slewing bearings can be reflected from the market situation of excavators. After investigations and market research, CME estimates that the sales of excavators (including exp Read More

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