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  • Molybdenum Market continues to run weak, When Molybdenum Market Turn A Corner?


    Today, the domestic molybdenum market continues to show a downward trend, the market overall wath-and-see atmosphere is strong, steel bidding continues to pressure the price, the lack of real single transaction, market sentiment is still biased towards pessimism, due to the iron plant cost upside do Read More

  • Slewing Bearing Installation


    1. Unpack the package before installing the slewing bearing and confirm whether it is consistent with the selected model according to the certificate of conformity and the label information on the slewing bearing: carefully check the appearance and check whether the slewing bearing has bumps or majo Read More

  • Heat Treatment for the Slewing Bearing


    The processing link that the slewing bearing is absolutely inseparable from when it is working is thermal processing, because if the pulley part of the slewing bearing is in poor operation, it must be thermally processed first, so as to better maintain the normal operation of the slewing bearing. Af Read More

  • Egypt Import Status Quo


    Egypt Import Status Quo Egypt's series of "saucy operations" in import control this year have caused many foreign trade people to complain - they have finally adapted to the new ACID regulations, and foreign exchange control has come again!*On October 1, 2021, the important new regulation "Advanced Read More

  • XZWD 077 series slewing ring bearing with Chain gear


    XZWD 077 series slewing ring bearing with Chain gearXuzhou Wanda(XZWD) slewing ring bearing 077 series is a slewing ring that can mesh with a sprocket. This slewing ring is the same as ordinary products, including inner ring, outer ring, rolling element, inner ring, and outer ring. Evenly distribute Read More

  • Anti-rust advice for stocked slewing bearings of XZWD company


    Slewing bearing related technologies: quenching of the gears and raceways of the slewing bearing can effectively ensure the service life of the slewing bearing and enhance reliability. It is one of the most common heat treatment technologies for slewing bearings. Read More

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