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  • Affecting Factors of Slewing Bearing Raceways Capacity


    Affecting Factors of Slewing Bearing Raceways Capacity1.The rigidity of slewing bearing after installationIf the overall rigidity of the slewing bearing is insufficient, it will affect the slewing bearing raceways capacity( Read More

  • Slewing ring shaking causes analysis


    Slewing ring shaking causes analysisThe slewing ring is a new type of mechanical component, which is a large bearing that can withstand a comprehensive load and can carry large axial, radial loads and tilting torque at the same time. Slewing bearings are a common mechanical accessory in industrial m Read More

  • Concrete Mixing Pump Truck Used Slewing Ring Bearing


    Concrete Mixing Pump Truck Used Slewing Ring BearingThere are many types of pump trucks, such as: concrete mixing pump truck, boom pump truck, mobile pump truck, flood control mobile pump truck, etc .; these pump trucks are inseparable from a very important transmission component: slewing ring beari Read More

  • Do you know the Components of a Crane?


    Do you know the Components of a Crane?The crane is a kind of mechanical equipment that works in an intermittent and repetitive manner, and realizes vertical lifting and horizontal movement of heavy objects hanging on hooks or other fetching devices within a certain space.The most common mobile crane Read More

  • Slewing bearing cage introduction


    Slewing bearing cage introductionThe main purposes of the slewing bearing cage are: to maintain suitable spacing between rolling elements to avoid immediate contact between adjacent rolling elements in order to keep friction and consequently heat to a low level; to spread the rolling elements evenly Read More

  • How modern industrial robots rotate?


    The widespread use of industrial robots in automated factories has significantly improved production efficiency. The core mechanism of an industrial robot is a mechanical arm. The multi-degree-of-freedom structural design allows the robotic arm to have extremely Read More

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