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  • Maintenance of Hydraulic Excavator Slewing Bearing


    Hydraulic excavators generally use single-row 4-point contact ball internal tooth slewing bearings. When excavator is working, the slewing bearing bears complex loads such as axial force, radial force, and tipping moment, and its reasonable maintenance is very important. The maintenance of the slewi Read More

  • Basic Structure of Slewing Ring


    The slewing ring( is the same as other ordinary bearings. It has rolling elements and raceways, but the difference is that the slewing ring has many different characteristics:1. The size of the slewing bearing( is relatively large, its diameter is usually 0. Read More

  • Dual-Worm Slewing Drive


    Dual-Worm Slewing Drive Slewing drives are mainly applied in port machinery, mining machinery, welding machinery, construction vehicles, modular vehicles, single and dual axis solar tracking systems, and small wind power systems etc. There are mainly SE series and WEA series to meet both regular Read More

  • What is SE slew drive?


    Bearing selection for low-speed applicationsWhen selecting bearings for any purpose, ultimately you want to achieve the required level of equipment performance and durability at the lowest cost. When compiling bearing specifications for an application, some key factors must be considered. To help yo Read More

  • What is worm gear slew drive?


    What is worm gear slew drive? Worm slew drive is a hot market product, which can greatly improve labor productivity and is widely used in all walks of life. If the slew drive is divided into gear type rotary drive and worm gear slew drive if it is distinguished by variable speed transmission, what a Read More

  • What is vertical slew drive?


    What is vertical slew drive? Slew drive is used in many fields, such as industrial robot field, support application field and so on. Many people know it. What is vertical slew drive? How much do you know about it? This paper takes you to know the vertical slew drive from multiple angles, so as to be Read More

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