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  • Slewing bearing vs slew drive


    With the gradual rise of new energy fields, the accompanying equipment manufacturers have sprung up. The slewing drives are derivatives of slewing bearings, which are used in different fields. Read More



    XuZhou wanda slewing bearing is profansional in port machine slewing bearing.The three row roller slewing bearing has three row raceway, the rolling element is steel roller. This structure could bear the heaviest load comparing to other structure bearing type. Usually the triple row roller slew bear Read More

  • Light Series Slewing Ring Turntable Bearing


    The light slewing bearing has the same structure with four point contact ball slewing bearing, but the weight is light and could be used for some light type machinery applications. It could save some cost if the load capacity is low. The light duty slewing ring( Read More

  • Light slewing bearing capacity


    Light slewing bearing is the solution for applications where a large diameter and lighter weight are key. WD-23 series slewing rings( ) have a flanged cross-section on one or both rings that reduces weight and provides the equipment designer wit Read More

  • Light slewing bearing application


    Xuzhou Wanda Slewing bearing Co.,Ltd is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province - a very famous Construction Machinery Base. Our Slewing Bearings have several series such as Single Row Ball Series, Double Row Ball Series, Three Row Roller Series, Single Row Cross Roller Series, Light Type Series an Read More

  • Slewing ring bearing manufacturing process


    The first step is the design phase of the slewing bearing.The first step is the design phase of the slewing bearing.Advanced calculation techniques attuned to slewing bearings guarantee an economic and safe dimensioning of load transmitting and of components in which deformation is a critical factor Read More

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