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  • Slewing bearing grinding teeth


    Slewing bearing grinding teethSlewing bearings are widely used in various fields, including mechanical engineering, construction machinery, marine industry, heavy assembly and so on. With the continuous development of construction machinery, the smoothness and load capacity of the drive pinion and s Read More

  • Do you know the Components of a Crane?


    Do you know the Components of a Crane?The crane is a kind of mechanical equipment that works in an intermittent and repetitive manner, and realizes vertical lifting and horizontal movement of heavy objects hanging on hooks or other fetching devices within a certain space.The most common mobile crane Read More

  • Leaders of Xuzhou city visited Wanda Slewing Bearing New Factory


    On the afternoon of April 10, accompanied by Secretary Wang Weifeng of Tongshan District, Party Secretary Zhou and Mayor Zhuang led the leadership of counties (cities) and district leaders to investigate the high-end equipment industrial park in Xuzhou High-tech Zone and went to Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Read More

  • Warm congratulations to the successful 2020 annual meeting


    Time flies, the busy 2019 is over, and the 2020 year full of expectations is coming to us. In the new year, new goals and hopes are bred. On January 19, 2019, all employees and invited guests of Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. gathered more than 200 people together to review the glorious past Read More

  • How to prevent slewing bearing from rusting?


    In many fields will be used slewing bearing, but if this part rusts will greatly affect the use of the parts, and even affect the normal use of equipment, so to slewing bearing rust removal also belongs to an important maintenance link., the link and the use of the slewing bearing time is closely r Read More

  • Double worm slewing drive for machine


    Double worm slewing drive is a brand new slewing drive product consisting of outer casing, worm gear ferrule, worm, motor and other components. Compared with the single worm rotary drive, the double worm rotary drive still has the characteristics of modularity, safety and simplified host design. Com Read More

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