Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of slewing bearing, slewing drives, which are mainly applied in port machinery, mining machinery, welding machinery, construction vehicles, modular vehicles, single or dual axis solar tracking systems, and small wind power systems etc.Slewing bearing/drives can bear axial force, radial force and tilting moment.

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Slewing Bearing

Slewing ring can bear axial, radial load and tilting moment load simultaneously. It can be combined with pinion, planetary gearbox and motors...

Slewing Drive

Slew drive consists of slewing bearing, worm shaft, housing and motors. Electrical and planetary gearboxes can be designed according to customer's requirement...
Aerial Work Platform
Aerial  platform vehicle usually uses single row four point contact ball slewing bearing which is designed in compact structure. This type slewing bearing can bear axial force, Aerial  platform vehicle usually uses single row four point contact ball slewing bearing which is designed in compact structure.

Filling machine
Light type slewing bearing is designed with compact structure, light weight and flexible rotation. 

Port crane
Port crane usually use three row roller slewing bearing as it can bear different loads simultaneously. 
Truck Crane
Truck mounted crane is usually using small external gear single row four-point contact ball slewing bearing which is with compact structure.
Ferris wheel
There are two rows of rolling element, which can bear larger axial load, radial load and tilting moment. 
 This type of slewing bearing can bear axial load, radial load and tilting moment and can withstand large impact. 




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xzwd  The quality reach to the leading level in the same industry.
xzwd  Have our own workshop with standard production line.
xzwd  The annual capacity is around 35,000 pieces.
xzwd  Lean manufacturing.

Technical Support

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xzwd  Have enough experience to do the non-standard difficult product.
xzwd  Have the ability to design or select the suitable models.
xzwd  Produce custom slewing bearing according to drawing.
xzwd  Provide CAD, 3D model


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xzwd  Export to around 60 countries, customer's requirement better.
xzwd  One-on-one customer service,fast response.
xzwd  Better price,better delivery.
xzwd  The MOQ is 1 piece.
CME observation: about 50000 excavators sold in April in China

After grass root investigation and market research, CME estimated that China's excavator (including export) sales volume was about 50000 in April 2021, with a year-on-year growth of about 10.07%.From the perspective of market:The estimated sales volume of domestic market is 45000, with a growth rate

Five precautions for slewing bearing disassembly and assembly

The importance of the slewing bearing(www.slew-bearing.com) of the excavator is self-evident. Various loads and moments on the working device need to be transmitted to the underframe through the slewing bearing. Because the slewing ring carries the overload work, it is also the part of the excavator

Rotary Bearing Structure And Sealing Form For Excavator

Rotary Bearing Structure And Sealing Form For ExcavatorExcavator can rotate left and right in the work, cannot do without the rotary device, rotary bearing is an important part of the rotary mechanism. Excavator slewing drive is usually composed of worm, slewing support, shell, motor and other compo

Slewing bearing process--Heat treatment

Slewing bearing process--Heat treatmentAs the most professional slewing bearing manufacturer(www.slew-bearing.com) in Xuzhou, our company has a special slewing bearing process flow chart, which will also be displayed in the workshop.For the slewing ring of our company's OTS project, we will have the

Slewing ring bearing market situation in March 2021

Slewing ring bearing as the core part of turntable unit, it is the most important part for Excavators. The market demand for slewing bearings can be reflected from the market situation of excavators. After investigations and market research, CME estimates that the sales of excavators (including exp

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