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Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing successfully delivered a 5 meters slewing bearing for floating crane

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The floating crane ship is one of the most important ship types in the salvage engineering ship, and is widely used in the construction of sunken ship salvage engineering. In the design of a large full swing floating crane, the design of the slewing bearing structure is crucial. It bears the dead weight of the rotating part of the entire crane and the vertical load caused by the lifting weight, and its strength directly affects the safety and reliability of the crane.


Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing has designed a three row roller slewing bearing with 5 meter diameter. Each roller in the slewing bearing can rotate both relative to the upper rail fixed on the rotating part and relative to the lower rail fixed on the bearing. So as to better play the role of rotation.


As it is a marine accessory, Xuzhou Wanda Factory has carried out classification society certification(CCS certification) for the slewing bearing, which strictly meets the requirements of the classification society from raw materials to finished products. Currently, this product has been directly delivered to Ningbo Port, where the shipyard has directly replaced the slewing bearing of the floating crane vessel.

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