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  • Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing co.,ltd new plant commencement ceremony a complete success


    At 8:06 am on August 22, 2019, with the start of construction equipment and the sound of the gun salute, the opening ceremony of the new plant of xuzhou wanda slewing bearing co., ltd was opened. General Manager Mr. Xu Zhengkun of Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd., and the heads of all departm Read More

  • Tips for Material selection of slewing bearing


    uzhou Wanda slewing bearings are widely used in machinery industry and provide excellent running accuracy. They also do a good job in reducing weight, creating space, reducing friction and extending service life. Xuzhou Wanda offers a variety of raw materials, internal assembly options, grease and c Read More



    The slewing bearing is a large bearing that can withstand the combined load and can load large axial, radial and overturning moments. The slewing bearing usually has a mounting hole, an internal gear or an external gear, a lubricating oil hole and a sealing rubber, so that the design of the main bod Read More

  • How to select the suitable slewing bearing correctly


    Many people do not know how to choose the suitable slewing bearings correctly, when they want to buy or customize the slewing bearing but do not know which model to use, the following is a simple introduction for everyone basic steps for slewing bearing selection( Read More



    The slewing bearing is the core component of the wind turbine and is widely used in the pitch and yaw systems of wind turbines. The pitch bearings are used to connect the wheel and the blades, and the yaw bearings are used to connect the tower and the unit. The wind power slewing bearing industry ha Read More

  • What is slew drive for solar tracker used for


    Rotary drive device really appeared in the domestic market around 2006, when only one or two enterprises engaged in the production of the product, the market is mainly to meet the needs of foreign markets. In recent years, the domestic market has increased demand driven by rotation, which is mainly due to the state's investment in new energy exploitation. Rotary drive is mainly used in mechanical equipment which needs automatic tracking and positioning. During this period, it was also tried to be used in construction machinery. In the early stage, Xugong on-board crane and other units were tentatively used in engineering machinery equipment, and ultimately failed. Read More

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