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  • What is slew drive for solar tracker used for


    Rotary drive device really appeared in the domestic market around 2006, when only one or two enterprises engaged in the production of the product, the market is mainly to meet the needs of foreign markets. In recent years, the domestic market has increased demand driven by rotation, which is mainly due to the state's investment in new energy exploitation. Rotary drive is mainly used in mechanical equipment which needs automatic tracking and positioning. During this period, it was also tried to be used in construction machinery. In the early stage, Xugong on-board crane and other units were tentatively used in engineering machinery equipment, and ultimately failed. Read More

  • Different types of slew drive


    Slewing drive is a kind of all-circumferential deceleration transmission mechanism which integrates driving power source. It uses rotary bearing as driving follower and mechanism attachment. By attaching the driving part, driving source and cover on one ring of the inner and outer rings of the rotary bearing, the other ring is regarded as both driving follower and connecting base of the driven working parts. It is the characteristic of the circumferential rotary connector itself. It is equipped with driving power source and main transmission parts efficiently, which makes it a universal deceleration transmission mechanism with the functions of rotation, deceleration and drive, simple structure and convenient manufacture and maintenance. The following article briefly introduces different types of slew drive and their applications, hoping to help you better understand the slew drive.

    Read More

  • Dual axis slew drive application


    The dual axis slew drive is a new type of rotary product, usually called a slewing bearing, which is usually composed of a worm, a slewing ring, a case, a motor and the like. Since the core components are slewing bearings, they can simultaneously withstand axial forces, radial forces, and tipping moments. Compared with the traditional rotary products, the dual axis slew drive has the characteristics of simple installation, easy maintenance and more installation space saving. Slewing drives are mainly used in aerospace, tower cranes, excavators, construction machinery, conveyor machinery, elevators, aerial work, satellite receiving systems, solar tracking systems and many other industries. Read More

  • Solar slewing drive


    The slewing drive is a gearbox that can safely hold radial and axial loads, as well as transmit a torque for rotating. The rotation can be in a single axis, or in multiple axes together.Solar lewing drives( are made by manufacturing gearing, beari Read More

  • slewing drive backlash


    Slewing drives function with standard worm technology, in which the worm on the horizontal shaft acts as the driver for the gear. The rotation of the horizontal screw turns a gear about an axis perpendicular to the screw axis. This combination reduces the speed of the driven member and also multipli Read More

  • Dual worm slewing drive for solar tracking system


    Double worm slewing drive is a new kind of slewing drive product, which is composed of shell, slewing bearing, motor and other components. Compared with single worm slewing drive, double worm slewing drive still has the characteristics of modularization, safety and simplified host design. Unlike sin Read More

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