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  • Window cleaner used slewing ring bearing


    In the past, for cleaning of high-rise buildings, large rope hanging boards were generally used for manual cleaning, which was unsafe and uncivilized. With the continuous improvement, manual cleaning of large rope hangers will eventually be banned, and window cleaners are the safest, practical and e Read More

  • The mistake of using the slewing drive you should avoid


    Mechanical parts in the use of products is very important, is an indispensable part of mechanical equipment, as the transmission parts of mechanical equipment, the use of slewing drive also plays a very important role. As a mechanical transmission part, the rotary driving force needs to support the whole mechanical equipment to carry on the operation, so the use of slewing drive brings great help to the work. However, when it comes to slewing drive, there are a lot of errors to avoid in the process of its use, so the following for you to popularize this content.

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  • The ins & outs of slewing drive


    The term " slewing drive " usually refers to a mechanism consisting of a radial gear, an axial shaft called a worm a connected drive assembly. More advanced rotary drives may include specific worm designs, shields and other auxiliary components. the slewing drive is capable of delivering forces and torques and can withstand these forces over time. Slewing drives have many applications, several different materials to choose from and have a long history. Read More

  • The features of slewing drive


    The features of slewing driveBecause the core component uses slewing support, the slewing drive can withstand axial force, radial force and tipping moment at the same time. Compared with traditional slewing products, slewing drive is easy to install, easy to maintain and saves more space for install Read More

  • The advantage of slewing drive


    The advantage of slewing driveCompared with the traditional gearbox system, the slewing driver has many advantages and is mainly used for rotation under extreme load and conditions. The slewing drive usually uses a spur gear or worm gear to achieve rotation. The spur gear driver can achieve high spe Read More

  • Technology prospect of slewing drive


    Special slewing deceleration products derived from slewing bearing products, high height, large deceleration ratio, simple structure, easy to use and maintain in the slewing drive process. The inner and outer rings of the slewing bearing are used because the slewing bearing is used as the base of the follower and the frame. The input and output of the driving force are realized separately, so the slewing drive can not only realize 360 degree whole circle rotation without dead point, but also can install the driving power source on the basis of the slewing support frame, so its transmission efficiency is high and it is a mechanical transmission device. New members. Because it is actually a reducer, it can also be called a rotary reducer, a slewing disc reducer or a drive turntable.
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