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Introduction of Protection Level of Spur Gear Slewing Drive and New Slewing Bearing

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The slewing drive produced by Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. adopts a full-enclosed design, which can reach the protection level of IP65, that is, it can be completely dust-proof and prevent the sprayed water from causing damage to the drive. Let’s introduce the next 5 waterproof levels. Specific test requirements.


Test name:

Level 5 waterproof level water spray test

Test equipment:

The inner diameter of the spray nozzle of the nozzle is φ6.5mm

Test conditions:

Make the distance from the rotary drive to the water spray outlet 2.5m ~ 3m, the water flow rate is 12.5 L/min (750 L/h), and the normal rotary drive

Test time:

Calculated based on the surface area of the slewing drive housing, spray water for 1 minute per square meter (excluding the area of the installation surface), and spray water for at least 3 minutes

Grade Judgment:

After the slewing drive has finished the water spray test, dry the slewing drive, remove the seal of the slewing drive casing and the slewing bearing seal, and check whether water has entered the meshing parts of the teeth and the slewing bearing channel. If there is no water ingress, it means that the slewing drive has reached Level 5 waterproof level, if water enters, it means that it has not been achieved and needs to be improved.

The slewing drive is used outdoors all-weather, and generally it is enough to reach the protection level of IP54, that is, dustproof and prevent the intrusion of water splashed from all directions. In order to improve the reliability of the slewing drive, we minimize the maintenance frequency and pursue longer use. Life, through reasonable design and precise cooperation, the rotary drive protection level of Fuji Transmission has reached IP65. Such a product will bring you a different experience.

Spur gear slewing drive, new integrated slewing bearing assembly process

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