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Countermeasures For Common Noise of Slewing Bearing

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Countermeasures For Common Noise of Slewing Bearing

We all know that slewing bearings are commonly used bearings in many large-scale mechanical equipment. After long-term use, there will be different noises, such as dust sound and scar sound. What method should be used to solve these noises?

1. The sound of dust

There are foreign objects such as dust in the slewing bearing, and non-periodic vibration will occur.

Countermeasures: Improve the cleaning method of slewing ring/slewing bearing, strictly clean the bearing, shaft, seat hole and matching parts before installation; remove foreign matter in the lubricant; improve the sealing of the bearing; avoid the use of impure or embedded materials Plastic cage for foreign objects.


2. The sound of scars

If the rolling surface of the slewing bearing is cracked, indented or corroded, periodic vibration and noise like riveted rivets will occur. The period may be fixed but most of them correspond to the rotational speed, and the scars will be continuous on the channel. Occurs, scars appear and disappear on the steel ball, and this noise varies with installation and lubrication conditions.

Countermeasures to deal with this kind of noise: do not knock the bearing during installation, prevent the bearing from being installed tilted when assembling the bearing and the shaft and then put it into the bearing seat; prevent the bearing from rusting during storage and prevent shock vibration during transportation; use high-viscosity grease.

3. Noise caused by lubrication factors

Wrong selection of lubricant, insufficient lubricant or aging and induration can cause vibration and noise of slewing ring/slewing bearing, and there is no definite rule for this noise.

Treatment countermeasures: In this case, only the appropriate lubricant should be selected, the amount of lubricant should be adjusted, the service life of the lubricant should be extended, and the replacement cycle should be reasonably determined.

4. Noise related to the host and countermeasures

This kind of noise is not simply caused by the bearing, so there is no reason to find the cause from the bearing alone. Attention should be paid to the surface of the main engine, and the performance of the main engine should be improved if necessary. Now mainly describe the common buzzing sound and frame resonance sound in the motor.

1). The buzzing sound of the motor

The axial vibration of the motor shaft will cause a lot of high-frequency noise - buzzing sound, the frequency of which is the same as the axial vibration frequency, which can be constant or variable. The method to prevent buzzing is the same as the method to prevent axial vibration.

2). Countermeasures for bearing frame resonance sound

When the axial natural vibration of the outer ring mass system causes the axial bending natural vibration of the bearing frame, a kind of noise called resonance sound will be generated. The method of increasing the preload can increase the axial natural frequency of the outer ring mass system, destroy the resonance condition and reduce the noise.

The above is the analysis and explanation of the four common slewing bearing noise causes and countermeasures. I hope it can help everyone. When the slewing bearing is running, if it is found to be noisy, it must be stopped and checked, and reasonable countermeasures are given to solve it.


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