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Flange Slewing Bearing

The flange slewing bearing has the same structure with four points contact ball slewing bearing, but the weight is lighter; the outer or inner ring of the flanged slewing bearing has the “L” edge, like a flange, that's why we called it flange type bearing. Flange light slewing bearing ring is also used for some applications which has weight limit for the bearing, the weight for the flange type slewing ring is much lower than normal type. The materials of the flange slewing ring are mainly 50Mn, 42CrMo and C45.

We have professional engineers and we have over 15 years experience in slewing bearings. Our factory was introduced lean manufacturing to promote our quality of the flange slewing bearing ring. The MOQ of our flange light slewing bearing is 1 piece.

The flange slewing bearing rings has been widely used in many applications:

flange slewing bearing.png


    1. Food machinery

    2. Canning machinery 

    3.Environmental machinery

    4.Car parking systems, etc

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