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NEW PRODUCT!!! Ball-roller combined slewing rings

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NEW PRODUCT!!! Ball-roller combined slewing rings

It is known to us the slewing bearing has widely used on many construction machines, but in addition to being applied to construction machines, the application range of slewing ring has been gradually expanded. At present, port equipment, metallurgical equipment, drilling platforms, etc. has widely begun to use the slewing bearings instead of original bearings.


In order to meet the demand of the market, Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing developed a ball-roller combined slewing bearing. The ball roller combined slewing bearing has a small eccentricity and a long service life. It also has the advantages of roller and ball dual structure. It is suitable for the equipment which need bear larger axial loading, while the radial load and overturning moment are not big, but should be continuously working. For example, power plants, open-air material stacking and reclaiming machines in ports, turntables, etc.


Ball-roller combined slewing ring  is a ball and roller fitting slewing bearing, it has the advantages of roller and ball dual structure. The slewing bearing is mainly composed of an outer race, an inner race, a roller and a steel ball. The inner race and the outer race each have a horizontal linear raceway and a spherical raceway, and the roller is located in the horizontal linear raceway. The steel ball is located in the spherical raceway. The horizontally placed roller bears the axial force, the radial force is borne by the steel ball, and the tilting moment is borne by both. It can bear a large axial force and at the same time can bear a certain tilting moment and radial force. This structure has small cross-sectional size, and the production cost is low, it has the low price

Ball-roller combined slewing ring main feature:

High axial load capacity.

If it is mainly axial load, it can maintain a long service life.

High rigidity.

Good operating accuracy.


If you need more information about this kind slewing ring bearing ,please contact with us.


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