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Special cases where slewing bearing needs to add grease

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The slewing bearing needs to be lubricated in the following cases:

1. After each cleaning, such as after spraying water or cleaning with washing equipment (steam jets or high-pressure cleaners are prohibited);

2. New grease must be added before and after the machine stops running for a long time, and the raceway must be filled with grease every time it is lubricated until a new oil ring is formed at the seal.


Lubricant quantity

The amount of lubricating oil on the tooth surface is appropriate to cover the tooth surface of the ring gear and pinion with grease.

The first grease amount of raceway lubrication should exceed 2/3 of the volume of the raceway cavity, and the daily lubricating oil amount should be more than 1/3 of the volume of the raceway cavity.


Lubrication method

The tooth surface lubrication method is mainly manual smearing and continuous spraying.

Raceway lubrication is generally based on manual lubrication, which is divided into single-point lubrication and centralized lubrication. If continuous automatic lubrication is adopted, the appropriate type of grease must be selected and the oil return line must be provided.

Due to the small cavity of the pipeline and the large resistance to refueling, the lubricating grease should be slowly added from each nozzle separately or in a centralized manner. At the same time, turn the slewing bearing( lightly for more than two circles to ensure that the lubricating oil is added enough and does not overflow.

Lubrication protection

Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing reminds that Do not wash the slewing bearing with water!


The sealing of the slewing bearing is mainly used for dust prevention, and the pressure is not large. The flushing water easily passes through the gap, enters the raceway of the slewing bearing, and brings in impurities, which will dilute the grease, destroy the lubrication state, and cause failures such as wear, jitter and abnormal noise.


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