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Slewing bearing wear measurement

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Slewing bearings are generally selected on the basis of the static load, which is calculated using the forces for axial and radial loads coming on it as well as the tilting moment. For correct selection of the slewing bearing, certain parameters such as speed, load, and operating temperature are required. 

But in many cases, the wear of slewing bearing happens frequently. Below we will talk about the reasons for the wear of slewing bearing and solution.

1.Reasons for the wear of slewing bearing

1)The quality or hardness of raw material is not qualified and with manufacturing defects.

2)Selected bearing model is smaller.

3)Installation of the bearing is not proper.

4)Bearing lubrication is not enough.

5) Sea is broken, causing dust get inside the bearing.

6) Operating temperature of the bearing is beyond the range.

7) Bearing maintenance is not proper and regular.

2.Solution and preventive measures for wear of slewing bearing

1) Make sure the bearing is made from high quality material and is free from manufacturing defects.

2) Bearing is selected as per the load calculations.

3) Installation of slewing bearing is proper.

4) Grease used is of good quality and it reaches to every corner of the bearing and conduct lubrication regularly.

5) Bearing is sealed using high quality seal and check the seal regularly.

6) Operating temperature of the slewing bearing is within range.

7) Proper and regular care for maintenance is ensured.

Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd. is a slewing bearing manufacturer specializing in standard and non-standard slewing bearing.Over the years, we keep supplying high quality product & good service to every user and gain good credit.We have strict quality control system in our own factory,meanwhile, we have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification .

In order to reduce the wear of slewing bearing, our company strictly following below items:

1.Our engineer will select a right model according to the application and load situation;

2.We are purchasing raw material with high quality and proper hardness;

3.We have advanced production technology and equipment to ensure the precision;

4.We pay more attention to the heat treatment of raceway and gears;

5.We conduct inspection for raw material, every production process and finish product.

Less Wear Means Less Expense

By monitoring the symptoms of slewing bearing wear and doing regular preventive maintenance, you can significantly reduce the chances that a bearing will fail prematurely. This in turn minimizes expense because it keeps equipment working productively, avoiding breakdowns that lead to costly downtime and repairs.

Longer bearing life also means, of course, that bearings can be replaced less often, stretching budgets further. And when the time for replacement comes, consider having your old bearings remanufactured instead of buying new ones. Well-maintained bearings can typically be repaired for less than half the cost of a new replacement, if repaired before they fail. 

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