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What is slewing bearing with external gear

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The external gear slewing bearing is a slewing bearing with external teeth. It is a new type of mechanical component. It consists of inner and outer rings, rolling elements and so on, and has external gears on the outside of the bearing. The slewing bearing with external gear is a large bearing capable of withstanding the combined load and can withstand large axial, radial loads and overturning moments at the same time.


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What is the definition of the external gear slewing ring? 

The slewing bearing is a large bearing that can withstand the combined load and can withstand large axial, radial loads and overturning moments. The slewing bearing usually has a mounting hole, an internal gear or an external gear, a lubricating oil hole and a sealing device, so that the design of the main body is compact, the guiding is simple, and the maintenance is easy. Then the external gear slewing bearing is an external gear bearing with an external gear.


What are the applications of the external gear slewing bearing?

Slewing bearings are widely used in the real industry and are called “machine joints”. Their main applications are widely used in: truck cranes, railway cranes, port cranes, marine cranes, metallurgical cranes, container cranes, excavators. , filling machines, and CT standing wave therapy devices, nautical instruments, radar antenna mounts, missile launchers, tanks, robots, and rotating restaurants.

The application scope of slewing support has been gradually expanded, except for various engineering machinery and equipment. At present, similar equipment platforms, such as port equipment, metallurgical equipment and drilling platform, have begun to use slewing bearings instead of original bearings on a large scale.

Port equipment: port cranes, front cranes New energy equipment: wind power equipment, solar power equipment

Metallurgical equipment: metallurgical crane, ladle turret, steel grabber, mud gun, oxygen blowing device

Amusement equipment: Ferris wheel, etc. Airport equipment: Airport tanker Military equipment: radar, tanks, etc.

 Robot: palletizing robot, welding robot

Medical equipment: Gamma knife Environmental protection equipment: scraper Parking equipment: tower garage Drilling platform equipment, kitchen equipment, CNC equipment (wire cutting machine, quenching machine), brick machine


How to maintain equipment?

First, the slewing ring is not flexible

(1) The operation after installation is not flexible, the slewing bearing with external gear mounting surface is not well matched, and the large and small gears are poorly meshed. There are foreign objects in the large and small gears, and the foreign objects on the mounting surface are removed. The gasket is flattened and the gears are meshed with the backlash.

(2) Inflexible operation during use. Lack of grease and fill as required. The sealing strip is damaged, causing the foreign matter to enter and roll into the inside (if the working condition is poor, roll to the invading dust, etc.); check the meshing of the large and small gears, whether there is any foreign matter or broken teeth.

Second, abnormal sound

(1) Abnormal noise occurred during trial operation after assembly. The treatment method is the same as "the operation is not flexible after installation", or the large and small gears mesh with each other, and when it is tight, it is loose, and the meshing is too tight at the maximum position of the tooth jump to generate abnormal noise.

(2) Abnormal noise is generated during use. There is a lack of grease in the raceway, and foreign matter such as sand and iron filings are mixed in the pipe. Pay attention to whether the sealing strip is damaged and the mounting bolt is loose.

Third, shaking

(1) The mounting bolts are loose, causing them to shake during work. Please inspect all inner and outer ring mounting bolts immediately and tighten as required.

(2) Check whether the operation is overloaded and operate in strict accordance with the regulations.

(3) Long-term overload operation, resulting in crushing of the raceway and excessive clearance.

Four, broken teeth

(1) Broken teeth are often directly related to installation. The gear gap is not properly adjusted during installation. If the requirements are not met, the two teeth are not properly meshed during operation and the teeth are broken. The gap should be adjusted as required. The meshing gap adjustment is not performed with the pinion gear at the maximum position of the tooth jump as required, resulting in the pinion being stuck and causing the broken tooth when meshing with the maximum position of the large gear tooth jump.

(2) Aspects of use. Violation of the operating procedures, overload and high-speed rotation, the host collided (swept) obstacles. It should be operated strictly in accordance with the operating procedures. When the slewing bearing is engaged with the pinion, foreign matter is caught. It should be ensured that the large and small gears are clean and checked frequently.


The external gear slewing bearing is a slewing bearing with external teeth. It knows all the common faults and maintenance methods, so you can try to avoid the problem, even if it fails, you can repair and maintain it.

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