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Agricultural machinery slewing ring

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XZWD agricultural slewing bearings are characterized by a flanged structure, obtained by bending two steel sheets to form the respective rings in which the raceways are created to house the single row of ball bearings, with full complement set, without spacers. These slewing bearings are neither toothed nor fitted with washers, and are supplied with a surface coating to prevent corrosion. Finally, they are pre-greased.



With low speed rotation,one row ball light flanged type slewing ring bearing used for filling machine can support axial loads up to hundreds of kilos.


Special technical features:

XZWD agricultural slewing bearings must have fixing holes for mounting with bolts, or alternatively the rings can be directly welded to the supporting frames. 





XZWD Agricultural machinery slewing rings are used in various applications, for example: 

* agricultural trailers;

* self-winding hose reels for watering;

* atomizers for fertilization with trailer;

* light dust collectors;

* etc.


How does XZWD slewing ring guarantee the quality of agricultural slewing rings?


a, Product appearance.

   It mainly includes finished product appearance, clamp repair, burr, tooth cutter repair and finished product color.


b, Product technology. 

   Our company has added 2~3 processes in the production process than normal to ensure product quality. In fact, we have increased the cost, but we are willing to keep the same product prices to cooperation with our clients.


c, Product exports proportion. 

   Our company has the right to self-export, and the foreign trade share is more than 50% of the company's total share. It is mainly sold to Europe and the United States. Our company will try to increase the foreign trade share to over 70%. Our company is currently creating the brand, it is also a good opportunity for your company to improve product quality without increasing the cost. The workshop has already carried out 5S standardization management.


d, Quality management system certification.

   Our company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification audited by China Classification Society(CCS). From the procurement of raw materials, sales orders, manufacturing and product delivery, the quality management system is strictly in accordance with the ISO quality management system , more stringent and more professional. More authoritative.


e, Inspection methods.

   Our company's product testing is divided into self-inspection, inspection and final inspection. The final inspection is a life-long responsibility system, which determines that any process of the product is traceable and controls the quality in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality system standard. The number is unique.


f, Heat treatment.

   The heat treatment process is the core process in the product manufacturing process. Our company uses the most advanced heat treatment equipment to improve product quality and service life.


g, Assembling the number of steel balls and assembling the assembly according to actual requirements.

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