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5 kinds of Slewing bearing surface protection methods

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5 kinds of Slewing bearing surface protection methods

According to the customer's application, Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. protects the surface of the slewing ring bearing.

1. Short and medium term rust prevention. 

The surface of all slewing bearing will be evenly painted with special metal anti-rust oil to ensure that the surface of the product will not be rusted during transportation and short-term storage.


2.Medium and long term rust prevention.

Use special hard-film anti-rust oil, the oil film can cover the holes, teeth, inner and outer surfaces, mounting surface, etc., and can quickly form a hard wax-like protective film on the surface of the product. The oil film is resistant to high temperature, strong adhesion, and can prevent the slewing bearing surface rust for a long time.


3.Spray paint protection.

We have strict process requirements for spray painting, which can meet the specific requirements of various customers. The core management point of spray painting is surface cleanliness, adequate preliminary preparation, strict process and finished product control so that the paint film of the product can reach an extremely excellent protection period.


4.Galvanized protection

The electrochemical principle is used for anti-corrosion. The bearing is put into a solution of zinc salt after degreasing and pickling. After connecting the electrolytic equipment, the electrochemical principle is used to form a zinc film on the surface.

5.Thermal spray zinc protection

For special applications, such as wind power and other projects, the products will be multi-layered protection, sandblasting, thermal zinc spraying, paint spraying, etc. Long-lasting and anti-corrosion, standard quality hot-sprayed zinc makes it extremely durable.


In the production process, the details are strictly controlled. After each process is completed, the product is strictly tested and checked, which has created the stable and excellent product performance of Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd.. If you have any questions about slewing bearings, please contact us.


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