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  • Slewing drive-the "heart" to ensure the accurate pursuit of the solar power station


    For CSP stations, only the characteristics of DNI (normal direct radiation) can be used to make the tracking system extremely important. Its accuracy and durability will have a huge impact on the system's light collection and heat collection efficiency, and ultimately affect the power generation of Read More

  • What is a Slewing bearing?


    Introduction Read More

  • How is slewing bearing heat treatment?


    Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of slewing bearings. Among peer companies, heat treatment is one of our company's greatest strengths.Now the following is the steps for how to do the heat treatment on slewing bearing Read More

  • How to replace and install slewing bearing for excavator?


    Excavators are very broad in daily life, and the use of slewing bearings on excavators is also very wide. However, the excavator's slewing bearing is very easy to cause the fatigue of the ABS ring gear, collapse its teeth during the overload work due to the large slewing radius. In such a situation, Read More

  • How to maintain slewing bearing for tower crane?


    Slewing bearings are widely used in many places.Slewing bearings equipment is also used in the tower crane, which can fully control the tower.In order to improve the life of the tower crane slewing bearings, it is necessary to do a good job of daily maintenance. Read More

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