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Do you know the Components of a Crane?

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Do you know the Components of a Crane?

The crane is a kind of mechanical equipment that works in an intermittent and repetitive manner, and realizes vertical lifting and horizontal movement of heavy objects hanging on hooks or other fetching devices within a certain space.

The most common mobile cranes include common truck cranes, tire cranes, crawler cranes, all-terrain cranes and off-road cranes.


Components of a crane

Various types of engineering cranes are usually composed of four parts: working mechanism, metal structure, power plant and control system.

Following we will introduce the working mechanism of the crane. It includes four parts: lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism and walking mechanism.


1. Lifting mechanism

The lifting structure is composed of prime mover, drum, wire rope, pulley block and hook. Lifting methods are mechanical and hydraulic transmission.

2. Luffing mechanism

Crane swing refers to changing the distance between the center of the hook and the axis of the crane's slewing center. The form of luffing mechanism depends on the type of mobile crane boom. For a truss crane with a constant length, the luffing mechanism uses a wire rope luffing mechanism. The luffing mechanism of the mobile crane of the telescopic boom uses a hydraulic cylinder luffing mechanism.

3. Slewing mechanism

The slewing mechanism consists of a drive device and a slewing bearing. The slewing bearing of a mobile crane usually adopts the single row four point contact slewing bearing. 


4. Walking mechanism

The walking mechanism of the mobile crane is the chassis of the crane. The wheeled crane uses a general or special car chassis, or a chassis specially designed for the crane. The crawler crane uses a crawler chassis. The walking mechanisms of tower and bridge cranes are generally specially designed running tracks.

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