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Slewing Bearing Application--Aerial Work Platworm

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Slewing Bearing Application--Aerial Work Platworm

Overhead working truck slewing bearing model parameters Rotary bearing in the work high above the car use and working principle Slewing mechanism, vehicular overhead working truck usually adopt the rotary swing mechanism, and reversing the direction can undertake choosing according to the requirements of the job. Slewing mechanism of rotary parts and operation platform are installed on the rotary bearing the turntable. Drive device is fixed on the turntable, its bottom is equipped with drive gear. Rotary bearing by inner gear ring of the turntable and connected to the frame fixed seat. Slewing mechanism by the turntable, cycloidal hydraulic motor, worm gear reducer, slewing bearing, pinion. Rotary bearing outer ring gear is fixed on the chassis, inner ring is connected to a turntable. Through the cycloidal motor driven in worm gear reducer, worm gear machine rotation drive connected with pinion, through outside the pinion and ring gear meshing realize turntable rotation.


The slewing bearing suitable for aerial work platform


01 Series outer gear, 11 Series Outer gear, QN Series. Depending on the arm length and size of the aerial work vehicle, the size of each series of slewing bearings is also different. The specific selection model is confirmed according to the specific vehicle model.




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