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Slewing bearing grinding teeth

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Slewing bearing grinding teeth

Slewing bearings are widely used in various fields, including mechanical engineering, construction machinery, marine industry, heavy assembly and so on. With the continuous development of construction machinery, the smoothness and load capacity of the drive pinion and slewing ring have higher requirements for the construction machinery.

Slewing bearing grinding teeth

Some of the host construction machinery in harsh conditions, in order to improve the slewing bearing gear strength, gear hardness, gear wear resistance and gear toughness, we usually take the slewing ring gear teeth surface quenching process, otherwise the slewing ring gear will wear resistance, broken teeth and other failure problems. But after tooth quenching treatment, there will be deformation, gear tooth deviation usually hit the design requirements, in order to ensure that the standard, we usually use slewing ring grinding teeth.


The following results can be achieved by grinding the slewing ring teeth

Slewing bearing grinding teeth

1.Improving the precision of engagement for the slewing ring and the pinion

2.The slewing ring gearrun out could achieve 0.06-0.15mm.

3. Slewing ring tooth surface roughness Ra0.8.

4. Reduction of slewing ring meshing noise.

5. Reduce the slewing ring tooth surface wear intensity


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