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How to choose internal gear slewing bearing and external gear slewing bearing

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Slewing bearings can be divided into: external tooth slewing bearings, internal tooth slewing bearings, and toothless slewing bearings.


How to choose internal tooth slewing bearing and external tooth slewing bearing, what are the advantages and disadvantages?


1.Internal gear slewing bearing: Since the teeth of the internal gear slewing bearing are inside the slewing bearing, the overall appearance is relatively clean. The engagement between the driving gear and the slewing bearing is located inside the slewing bearing, so there is no need to install a safety cover. The gear has better dust resistance, and the lubricant can be kept for a long time. The transmission contact stress of the internal tooth meshing is low, and the amount of wear is small. , the service life is longer. However, due to the size limitation of the internal tooth slewing bearing, the internal space is relatively compact, and it is relatively inconvenient for installation and debugging in the early stage, fault diagnosis in the later stage, and gear meshing inspection.


2.External tooth slewing bearing: The teeth of the external tooth slewing bearing are outside the slewing bearing, which is easy to install, and can maximize the use of the limited space of the slewing bearing. It is easy to diagnose faults and check gear meshing. Due to the pitch diameter of the ring gear Larger, it can better obtain a larger transmission ratio and greatly reduce the circumferential force and torque on the pinion.


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