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Slewing bearing process--Heat treatment

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Slewing bearing process--Heat treatment

As the most professional slewing bearing manufacturer( in Xuzhou, our company has a special slewing bearing process flow chart, which will also be displayed in the workshop.

For the slewing ring of our company's OTS project, we will have the corresponding slewing ring process card to help workers better understand and process, and ensure the accuracy and quality of the product.

In a series of processes, track quenching and tooth quenching are two particularly important processes, which can ensure the bearing and life of the slewing ring and improve the wear resistance of the support.

Our company has advanced surface induction hardening machine tools. The slewing bearing tracks are all surface induction hardened, and the quenching hardness is guaranteed to be HRC55~62, which can achieve sufficient hardening layer depth.


Gear heat treatment

Due to the need to transmit force, one of the sets of slewing bearings is usually made with teeth. The heat treatment state of the gear is generally normalized or quenched and tempered. The tooth surface can also be quenched according to user requirements, the quenching hardness is HRC50-60, and sufficient hardening layer depth can be ensured. According to different applications, gear hardening can be divided into full-tooth hardening and single-tooth induction hardening. Single tooth induction hardening can be divided into tooth surface and tooth root quenching and tooth surface quenching.




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