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Stock Enclosed Housing Single Worm Slewing Drive

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Single Worm Slewing drive SE7 can match hydraulic motor and 24V DC Motor, we have stock and we can deliver within 5 days
Rated Output Torque:
Tilting Moment:
Axial Load:
Radial Load:
  • SE7-73-H-16R
  • XZWD

According to the variable transmission form of the slewing drive, it can be divided into gear slewing drive and worm gear slewing drive. These two slewing drives can be adapted to medium and high speed and low speed applications respectively. In terms of carrying capacity, the performance of the worm gear type is better than that of the tooth type, and when the envelope worm transmission is adopted, its carrying capacity, deformation resistance and transmission rigidity are further improved, but the worm gear slewing drive is more efficient in terms of efficiency. Inferior to gear slewing drive

Slewing drive

According to the openness of the slewing drive transmission auxiliary mechanism, the slewing drive can be divided into open and closed. Generally, the open structure is mostly used in applications where the environment is too harsh and the maintenance and maintenance cycle is short. The inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the product are also more convenient for replacement. However, the closed structure can provide a longer maintenance life cycle in occasions where the environmental conditions have not changed much and the environmental pollution level is below the medium level.


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