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slew bearing replacement procedure

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slew bearing replacement procedure is actually not difficult, but many people often face difficulties when installing or slew bearing replacement procedure, which leads to the installation result is not correct. Therefore, it is important to master the correct installation and slew bearing replacement procedure


The slew bearing replacement procedure as below:


1. Before installation, the slewing bearing mounting reference surface and bracket mounting surface must be cleaned to remove oil, burrs, paint and other foreign matter.

2. The slewing bearing raceway hardened soft zone (external mark "S" or blocked hole) shall be placed in the non-load zone or the non-frequent load zone.

3. After the slewing bearing is in place, apply the feeler gauge to check the fit plane.

slewing bearing application in winding power

4. Before the mounting bolt is tightened, the flatness of the higher point is run out according to the pitch of the gear pitch. If there is a gap, it should be re-machined.


5. Tighten the bolts in a symmetrical manner in the direction of 180. Pass once to ensure that the bolts on the circumference have the same preload.


In the process of slew bearing replacement procedure, we should be operated by professional people, especially before installation, remember to disconnect the power of the whole machine, to ensure safety of the operators.

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