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  • Meshing problem between slewing bearing and matching pinion


    In the actual use of the slewing bearing and the pinion, problems often occur, resulting in wear, chipping, and abnormal noise on the tooth root or side of the gear, as shown in the following figure. Read More

  • How to replace the slewing ring and fill into grease?


    The slewing ring also has a certain service life. After using it for a period of time, various problems may occur. If the problem cannot be repaired, in order to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical equipment, we need to replace it. So, how to replace the slewing ring? As the slewing bearin Read More

  • How to gearing up your slewing ring bearing?


    Slewing ring bearing can be used in a variety of mounting fixed forms.In order to meet some special application environment, the installation method may change.Some important details of the actual design of slewing ring bearing, such as the thickness of the mounting plate, the location and number of reinforcing members, and the bolt length, should be determined by the equipment designer. This article mainly introduces how to gearing up your slewing ring bearing.
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  • How to calculate the capacity for slewing bearing?


    Slewing bearings are bearings of large dimensions (> 400 mm) used in different applications, such as cranes, turning tables, excavators, wind turbines etc.. Their main function is to connect structural parts, allow relative rotation between them and transmission of loads. This article mainly introduces how to calculate the capacity for slewing bearing.
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  • Four-point bearings do triple duty while saving space


    The four-point bearing is a separable structure, and a single bearing can replace the angular contact ball bearing with front combination or back combination. Read More

  • How to optimize slewing bearing performance through installation


    Installing a slewing bearing in an appropriate structure is critical to properly distributing bearing loads and stresses. Without adequate construction, bearing performance may be affected. The performance of seals, pinions, gears and bolts is also possible. Therefore, slewing ring installation shou Read More

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