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Slewing bearing oil leakage investigation

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Usually, it is normal for the slewing bearing to have a small amount of oil leakage from the outer oil seal under working conditions, because the amount of grease leaked through the outer seal of the slewing bearing is roughly equal to the amount of grease injected into the slewing bearing . However, when there is an abnormal phenomenon of a large amount of grease leakage, inspection is required.图片2

Due to the particularity of the lubricating structure of the rotary part, it is necessary to analyze whether there is indeed leakage, and to determine the location of the problem in order to solve the problem. The specific inspection steps and methods are as follows:

1. If the oil level of the gear oil drops or is basically gone, it can be directly determined that the oil seal of the grinding disc under the rotary gear box is damaged.

Check whether the reduction gear box gear is damaged. If the reduction gear is normal, check whether the clearance between the upper and lower bearings of the rotating vertical shaft is too large or the bearing seat clearance is too large. If there is any problem, the bearing should be replaced or the bearing housing shell should be repaired. Check whether the contact surface of the oil seal and the vertical shaft is seriously worn. If necessary, the oil seal lip spring can be appropriately sheared to increase the oil seal tightness or change the oil seal lip position.

2. Increased oil level

It can be basically concluded that the oil seal of the rotary motor frame is damaged, because the hydraulic oil in the motor is connected to the tooth box through the pressure to the lower tooth box and the pressure is too high to damage the oil seal of the grinding disc, so the motor frame and the oil seal of the grinding disc must be replaced at the same time. When disassembling the motor, carefully check whether the bearing of the upper cover of the motor shaft is too large, which causes the centrifugal rotation of the motor shaft to cause damage to the oil seal.

3. The oil level is normal

It may be that the oil seal of the rotary center joint is damaged, and the obvious symptom is insufficient power for walking on one or both sides.

When replacing the oil seal, it is also necessary to check whether the contact surface of the oil seal on the shaft rod is worn. If the wear is serious, it needs to be repaired. If it is not repaired, even if it is replaced with a new oil seal, it will be futile and it will leak in a short time. Because the cost of replacing the shaft is too high, it is generally chosen to be repaired. It can be used for normal use by lowering the sleeve or repairing welding and then polishing it in bed.

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