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Whole teeth quenching

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n order to meet Slewing bearing( market demand and solve the problem of broken teeth during high load and large impact load operation of small module gears, the technical department of our company combined with quality, production and other departments combined with the company’s existing equipment and processing technology to organize the implementation of small Modular integral tooth quenching experiment.


Because of the need of the transfer force, it is usually made with teeth on one of the slewing rings( The heat treatment of gears is generally normalizing or hardening and tempering. The surface of the tooth can ensure sufficient depth. According to the application situation, the gear quenching can be divided into the whole tooth quenching and the single tooth induction quenching. Single tooth induction quenching can be divided into tooth surface root quenching and tooth surface quenching.


For the surface hardening of small modulus gears, chemical heat treatment or induction heating quenching is mostly used. According to the frequency and heating method of induction equipment, it is divided into overall heating quenching process, multi-tooth quenching process and single-tooth quenching process. For small-modulus and heavy-duty gears, the heating and quenching process of integral teeth is ideal. Our company's existing HKVP80 integral tooth induction heating hardening machine tool, in order to meet the requirements of tooth surface and tooth root hardness, our company has produced a special integral hardening inductor. By adjusting the feed rate and heating power, the induction coil preheating time and residence time are controlled. Cooling pressure and time control the rotation of the gear while moving downwards at a uniform speed, so as to achieve the goal of uniform quenching of the entire tooth. After many times of integral tooth quenching experiments, the final tooth surface tooth root hardness and quenching heat shape meet the design requirements, and whether there are obvious cracks in each part of the quenching, the quenching effect is relatively ideal.


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