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XZWD 077 series slewing ring bearing with Chain gear

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XZWD 077 series slewing ring bearing with Chain gear

Xuzhou Wanda(XZWD) slewing ring bearing 077 series is a slewing ring that can mesh with a sprocket. This slewing ring is the same as ordinary products, including inner ring, outer ring, rolling element, inner ring, and outer ring. Evenly distributed sprocket teeth are arranged on the outer circumferential surface of the ring. The chain has a basic chain link and an installation connecting plate. The basic chain link is fixedly connected to the outer ring through the installation connecting plate, and the installation connecting plate is fixedly connected to the outer ring of the slewing ring by bolt connection. The slewing ring and the chain are combined into a whole and widened The transmission range has the conditions for meshing with the sprocket.

Chain gear

The tooth profile of the sprocket must ensure that the chain enters and exits the mesh smoothly and energy-savingly, minimizes the impact and contact stress of the chain link during meshing, and is easy to process.

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