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Four important aspects of regularly check and maintain the slewing bearings

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In order to maintain the original performance of the slewing bearings in a good state for a long time, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the slewing bearings to ensure the smooth operation of the machinery and equipment to improve the capacity.

This article will take Xuzhou Wanda's slewing ring bearing as an example. It will introduce precautions for slewing bearing maintenance through the aspects of lubrication, bolt tightness, sealing inspection, and gap measurement.


The raceway of the slewing bearing needs to be regularly lubricated according to the product conditions. XZWD Suggestion:

● After 50 hours of first use, add an appropriate amount of grease to the raceway;

● Check every 100 hours of use, and add an appropriate amount of grease to the raceway;

● You need to add an appropriate amount of grease before or no use after a long time.

add grease for slewing ring

In the state of the slewing bearing rotation, add lubrication to the bearings through the lubrication hole. Each time to add lubrication needs to be fully, until the lubrication leak out from the sealing and form a thin film. The film can also have a sealing effect.

Bolt tight

After first 100 hours of operation, the bolt is required to be tight. After that, Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing suggested to be inspected once a year, and special operating conditions should be more frequent. If the bolt is loose or worn during inspection, the bolt must be replaced.

Sealing inspection

The sealing material installed on the slewing bearing is chore rubber, which has good heat resistance and atmospheric corrosion properties.

During the operation of the rotary support, Xuzhou Wanda recommends a regular sealing belt. If the sealing belt has deteriorated or brittle, it should be replaced immediately.

slewing bearing queched

Clearance measurement

The first measurement record of the slewing bearing clearance will be used as a reference information for the wear of the raceway in the future. The clearance measurement is recommended to once a year.

The max clearance that to be replaced by the slewing bearing depends on the diameter, type and rolling of the slewing bearing (ball or roller), and the slewing bearing that can be accepted by the working conditions maintains the limit under good operation. When the clearance reaches four times the initial value, please contact Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing to evaluate the wear status of it.

Any more question or problem when you use the slewing bearing,just feel free to contact us.

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