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Slewing bearing Heat Treatment

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Slewing bearing Heat Treatment

Slewing bearing related technologies: quenching of the gears and raceways of the slewing bearing can effectively ensure the service life of the slewing bearing and enhance reliability. It is one of the most common heat treatment technologies for slewing bearings.

Raceway Heat Treatment


Induction hardening is often used to harden industrial gears, rings and bearings. The speed, consistency, flexibility and accuracy offered by induction heating help improve hardening quality and maximize energy efficiency.

Slewing Bearing

A "slewing" bearing is a rotating rolling bearing that supports heavy, slowly turning or slowly oscillating loads. Slewing bearings are key components in wind turbines, solar trackers, heavy construction equipment and tower cranes. Bearing teeth and raceways are hardened to increase their strength and resist wear.

Special gear

Induction hardening is also great for hardening large gears with specially toothed parts that are used in the manufacture of other machinery.


What is induction hardening of slewing bearing

Large slewing rings are used in wind turbines and other energy industry equipment in harsh conditions. In order to withstand large dynamic loads, the slewing ring raceway can be hardened by induction heating.

hardening process

Hardening is accomplished by controlling the power applied, the frequency of the inductor current, and the heating and cooling times.

What are the applications of a complete slewing bearing induction hardening system

Induction heating is generally used for quenching of slewing bearings, industrial gears, rings, bearings, raceways, ball tracks, etc.

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