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Dual axis slew drive application

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The dual axis slew drive is a new type of rotary product, usually called a slewing bearing, which is usually composed of a worm, a slewing ring, a case, a motor and the like. Since the core components are slewing bearings, they can simultaneously withstand axial forces, radial forces, and tipping moments. Compared with the traditional rotary products, the dual axis slew drive has the characteristics of simple installation, easy maintenance and more installation space saving. Slewing drives are mainly used in aerospace, tower cranes, excavators, construction machinery, conveyor machinery, elevators, aerial work, satellite receiving systems, solar tracking systems and many other industries.


Content list of this article:

  • Definition

  • Common application

  • The dual axis tracking system


What is the dual axis slewing drive? 

The slewing drive is a full-cycle rotary reduction transmission mechanism integrated with a driving power source. The slewing bearing is used as a transmission follower and a mechanism attachment member, and an active member and a driving source are attached to one of the inner and outer rings of the slewing ring. And the casing, and the other ring is regarded as both the transmission follower and the connecting base of the driven working part, so that the slewing bearing itself is a feature of the full-circle rotary connecting member, and the driving power source and the main transmission are efficiently configured. The part makes it a general-purpose reduction transmission mechanism that integrates the functions of rotation, deceleration and drive, while having a simple structure and convenient manufacture and maintenance. The dual axis slew drive is a reduction drive with two axes.


The common application for the dual axis slewing drives.

The dual axis slewing drives can be applied to a host that performs circular motion, such as a crane rotary table, a rotary machine, and the like, which perform circumferential work. It can be widely used in the field of construction machinery represented by aerial work vehicles and truck cranes, new energy fields represented by solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation, and other fields such as automation, machine tool manufacturing, and aerospace communication.

  • Transport beam car field

The traditional core components of the slewing bearing of the beam carrier mostly use traditional slewing bearings. The use of a dual axis slew drive as a rotary component not only improves the corrosion resistance of the components, but also increases the steering angle of each set of tires.

  • Aerial work vehicle field

Aerial work vehicles are an important field of use for slewing drives. Usually, aerial work vehicles require a high safety factor for the main engine. The high safety of the slewing drive is an important factor for users to choose as an accessory for the aerial work platform.

  • Photovoltaic power generation

Photovoltaic power generation is an important application field of slewing drive. The solar photovoltaic module with rotary drive as the rotating component can accurately adjust the corner and elevation of the main engine according to the different positions of the sun in the day. Good reception angle.

  • Wind power generation

Like the PV discovery, the slewing drive can be applied to the yaw part of the wind turbine to achieve a horizontal 360° rotation of the mechanism to better adjust the receiving angle.

  • Engineering machinery claws field

Engineering machinery auxiliary equipment is a brand-new application field of rotary drive. It adopts rotary drive as the rotating mechanism claw, which makes the design structure more concise, more conducive to use and maintenance, and the worm gear drive has a large speed ratio, making the claws, etc. The positioning accuracy of engineering machinery aids has also been greatly improved.


The dual axis tracking system

  • Definition

The two-axis tracking system is a power unit that can keep the solar panel facing the sun at any time, so that the sunlight can directly illuminate the solar panel at any time.

  • Tracking control method

The tracking control system uses two tracking controls. One is light control, which uses a light sensor. The position of the sun is judged according to the difference in light intensity between different areas of the sky, and then the motor is rotated to track. The second is time control. According to the local latitude and longitude coordinates and time, the astronomical formula is used to calculate the coordinates of the sky where the sun is located, and then the motor is rotated to track.

At present, domestic companies combine two control principles, with time control as the mainstay and light control as the supplement. That is to say, when the weather is good, use the time control to track the approximate position of the sun, and then use the light control to make precise adjustment; if the weather conditions are not good, use the time control alone to track and avoid the sky stray light interference. In addition, another combination can be adopted: still based on time control, supplemented by light control. That is to say, in the case of good weather, simply use light control to track; if it encounters rainy weather, it will automatically jump to the time control mode for tracking. In the time control mode, the GPS module is used to obtain the local latitude and longitude and time. Accuracy of coordinates and time is guaranteed to improve tracking accuracy.


The advantages of dual axis slewing drives include modularity, safety, and simplified host design. To a certain extent, it also reduces the preparation process at the beginning of product production, thereby greatly increasing labor productivity. Compared with traditional rotary products, the dual axis slew drive is easy to install, easy to maintain, and saves installation space. Reduce procurement costs for customers and reduce the incidence of host failures.

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