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Small Helical Gear Precision Slewing Bearing for Medical Equipment

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  • 011.09.181F1
  • XZWD

Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. as the leader of Xuzhou slewing bearing industry, we have made achievements in a new application field-medical equipment industry


Since the beginning of the Spring Festival in 2020, the new coronavirus has spread all over the world, and we are also contributing to the fight against the epidemic.


The precision slewing bearing produced by our company is used in medical equipment for accounting and testing. The slewing bearing model is 011.09.181F1. The external gear slewing bearing has grinding teeth, small meshing clearance and high precision.

This type of slewing bearing is mainly a single-row ball four-point contact slewing bearing, which requires gear grinding, high precision, and good meshing.


Xuzhou Wanda Slewing Ring Co., Ltd. has also been developing different fields, and has recently made achievements in the aerial work vehicle and ship industries.

As a professional manufacturer of slewing bearings and slewing drives, we also have rich export experience and provide cooperation for many foreign host manufacturers. 

Looking forward your information from our website, and we can help you to choose the suitable models.

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