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4 Point Angular Contact Ball Turntable Slewing Bearing

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The four-point contact ball bearings are radial single row angular contact ball bearings featuring raceways that can handle axial loads acting in both directions. A limited radial load can be supported for a given axial load.
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Single row four point contact ball slewing bearingis widely used in truck crane. It can handle the loading and unloading of goods in a more comprehensive manner. Compared with other steering equipment, the advantage of slewing bearing is the key to solve inaccurately place and load and unload of goods.

we can offer ACE crane matching slewing bearings such as model cb-e-1200,CB-E-0816-25 and HSW.35.1250AF1.


Technical parameters required for slewing bearing selection as below:

1).Slewing bearing load (Includes axial load, radial load and tilting moment)

2). Percentage of each load and its occupation time

3). Speed or number of revolutions of the slewing bearing under each load

4).Circumferential force acting on the gear

5).Dimensions of the slewing bearing

6). Other operating conditions

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The material, compressive property, abrasive resistance and hardness of balls will affect the load condition and service life of slewing bearing. Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing Co., Ltd purchase balls from suppliers with high quality, and we will conduct test for the compressive property, abrasive resistance and hardness to ensure the quality of balls will meet the requirement.


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