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Assembly of Slewing Bearing

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Assembly of Slewing Bearing

Preparations before assembly:

1. Unpack the package and check the attached certificate and the label on the slewing bearing to confirm that it is consistent with the selected model.

2.Carefully check the appearance, confirm that the slewing bearing has not been greatly damaged during transportation, such as severe corrosion, deformation, etc., and confirm whether there is a soft belt mark and a mark of the maximum position of the gear runout (gear quenched slewing bearing at the maximum tooth runout of the teeth). The ditch has been marked with green paint.

3. The installation datum surface of the slewing bearing and the installation surface of the parts must be cleaned up. Remove oil, burrs, paint and other foreign matter, and fill with grease according to different conditions of use.

4. It is forbidden to use spring washers when installing the slewing bearing.



1. Place the slewing bearing horizontally on the installation surface.

2. Raceway lubrication: In order to ensure sufficient lubrication, the grease specified in the drawing or product instruction manual should be refilled before the initial use. Pay special attention to filling all the grease nipples with grease one by one, preferably while turning the slewing ring, until you see the grease squeezed out from the sealing ring.

3. Gear lubrication: When the gear is lubricated, the tooth surface should be clean. It is recommended to use a clean brush to apply grease to the gears.

4. When the slewing bearing is installed on a horizontal plane, please use a feeler gauge to check the smoothness of the mounting surface of the parts. If there is a gap, it should be re-machined. If it cannot be processed, local copper pads should be used to eliminate the gap and prevent the deformation of the slewing bearing from affecting the performance of the slewing bearing after the bolts are tightened. After the slewing bearing is installed, it is forbidden to carry out welding operations on the support.

5. Before pre-tightening the installation bolts, adjust the meshing of the large and small gears, especially for gear quenching products, it should be ensured that the maximum point of the slewing bearing runout (marked with green paint) is in line with the meshing of the pinion.

6. The mounting bolts should have sufficient pre-tightening force, the pre-tightening force generated by the pre-tightening force on the bolts should be between 0.6-0.7 times the yield point of the bolts, and the pre-tightening force should not exceed 85% of the yield strength.


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