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Do you know Marine crane used Slewing bearing?

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Do you know Marine crane used Slewing bearing?

Crane also known as marine crane, marine crane, is a large deck machinery on the ship, it is a ship loading and unloading equipment, hydraulic crane is a commonly used ship Kind of loading and unloading equipment. Slewing bearing is the most widely used part of machinery. It is indispensable in marine cranes. It has a wide range of applications in the port and wharf industry. Its disassembly, inspection and replacement is a difficult and high-risk project. A little carelessness in construction may cause major machine damage accidents. High-quality Slewing bearings are particularly important.


The load on the Slewing bearing of the crane is generally large. In the bearing design, in addition to the conventional raceway design calculation, the structural strength of the bearing ring must be checked and calculated or finite element analysis. Bearing ring forgings need to be certified by the classification society, and there are special requirements for the mechanical properties of the forging materials.


Judging from the application and actual effect feedback, there are generally two types of structures used in the large Slewing bearings of the crane ship, namely four-point contact ball bearings and double-row ball bearings. Four-point contact ball Slewing bearings generally use large-diameter steel balls, usually 60mm steel balls and 70mm steel balls, and 42CrMo rings are used, and the height and wall thickness are increased in proportion to increase the load of the bearing.


Double-row four-point contact ball Slewing bearings are generally reduced-diameter double-row bearings, the main purpose is to further improve the load and reliability of the bearing. The advantages of ball bearings are flexibility and fatigue resistance, easy maintenance and maintenance, and the life span is generally 12-15 years. At the same time, the large bearings of the crane ship are generally composed of four groups, which echo each other. Undertake the purpose of lifting and loading and unloading goods.

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