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Double worm slewing drive for machine

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Double worm slewing drive is a brand new slewing drive product consisting of outer casing, worm gear ferrule, worm, motor and other components. Compared with the single worm rotary drive, the double worm rotary drive still has the characteristics of modularity, safety and simplified host design. Compare with  the single worm slewing drive, the double worm slewing drive has a more compact structure. The load capacity is better and the output torque is far beyond the single worm rotary drive. Double worm rotary drive abandoned in design.


The slewing bearing of the core component theoretically forms a double-row space cross-roller slewing bearing through the outer casing and the worm wheel contained therein, and the two worms are meshed with the worm wheel to realize the rotation in the casing to ensure high realization. At the same time, the bearing capacity is theoretically formed into a double-row space cross-roller type slewing bearing through the outer casing and the worm wheel contained therein, and the two worms are meshed with the worm wheel to realize the rotation in the casing to ensure high carrying capacity.


Application of double worm enclosed slewing drive


Heavy duty flat transport truck

The slewing drive is more suitable for the steering device of the heavy-duty flat-panel transporter with larger tonnage. It has been proved that when the single-worm slewing drive is used in heavy equipment with a large tonnage, it will cause jitter, noise, casing distortion and even worm breakage. Therefore, this special rotary drive has become an accessory product favored by heavy equipment designers.


Heavy duty door lifting equipment

Traditional gantry cranes are mostly rail-moving and can only move in parallel in a straight line on a limited rail. At present, some enterprises that pay more attention to technological innovation have gradually realized that it is imperative to break the traditional design concept of gantry lifting equipment. The double-worm slewing drive is used as the door-type device for the steering system. Compared with the previous design, the required lifting equipment is reduced by 75% in the unit working area, while reducing the operating cost and maintenance cost. The efficiency of the work has also been greatly improved.


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