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How to install slewing drive?

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Slewing drives typically employ either a spur gear or a worm gear to achieve rotation. Spur Gear drives are used for high rotational speeds and quick acceleration at nominal-to-low torque loads. Worm gear drives, on the other hand, are slower in speed but can magnify an input torque at much higher ratios than a typical spur gear system.  This article will introduce how to install slewing drive. 

Here are the main points of the article:

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  • Functions of slewing drive

  • How to install slewing drive?


1. Functions of slewing drive

Slewing drives work best for applications in which high torque can create precision positioning and rotational accuracy. This design results in a device which works smoothly and powerfully with minimal backlash. 

Because of the power and dependability generated by slewing drive technology, the functions of this engineering technology apply to many types of equipment.  One particular use, for example, involves solar technology, tracking the sun’s movements in perfect time to generate maximum energy output. 

Any job requiring high load capacity and reliable positioning may require the implementation of slewing drive engineering. 


2. How to install slewing drive?

(1) Transportation, handling and storage

During transportation and handling, please keep the slewing drive packing box in the prescribed direction to avoid collision. Please wear working gloves and operate carefully when moving. Slewing drive generally has threaded holes in the inner and outer rings to ensure safe handling with the lifting device. 

During storage, please keep the slewing drive packing box in the prescribed direction and stored in a closed room to avoid dampness. In the closed packing, the surface is corrosion-proof and rust-proof, which can be kept for about 5 months.  If it needs to be stored for a longer time, please take special protective measures. 

(2) Installation and maintenance

① Installation preparation: check whether the slewing drive is physically damaged;Clean slewing drive and connecting bracket;Clean the supporting surface of impurities (such as: scrap iron, burr, paint, welding slag, etc. ). 

② Please clean the anti-rust oil on the slewing drive mounting surface according to the following instructions: clean the exterior of the slewing drive mounting surface with cleaning liquid (such as diesel, gasoline, etc. ), the cleaning liquid shall not damage the performance of rubber seals;Please follow the rules for the use of cleaning fluid (e. g. , manufacturer's rules, worker protection, environmental protection, etc. ). 

③ The positioning bolts should not be loose during installation, and the installation can be carried out after the bolts are removed. Assembly bolts are not recommended and provided. The following terms are for reference only. Please correctly select bolt specification, type and performance grade;Bolt level is not lower than 10. 9, bolt screw hole length is generally 2 times the nominal diameter of the bolt;Do not screw the bolt out of the hole, otherwise it will interfere and damage the machine. If not, it may affect the performance, service life and tensile strength of the rotary reducer bolt connection. If the contact stress of the allowable mounting surface is exceeded, use an appropriate high strength washer;Bolts are only for shipping bolts when they leave factory. Remove them when they are installed. 

④ Tightening torque recommendation: in general, installation bolts should be fixed by correct preloading load. Do not use broken pad, flat pad, etc. Tightening torque table of mounting bolts is for reference only

⑤ Slewing drive installation: clean the installation bracket, remove welding slag, galvanized residue, etc. ;Bolt the bracket to the slewing drive.  The bolt head shall be provided with a flat washer and a spring washer. Slewing drive should be installed without load. Please follow the following procedures to avoid internal stress and installation problems during bolt tightening. Add thread fastening glue to thread;Pre-tightening bolts and washers shall be cross-tightened;See the following figure for tightening order of bolts;Starting from the inside or outside ring, tighten all bolts to 30% tightening torque, then repeat the diagonal tightening to 50% tightening torque, and finally to 100% tightening torque. All the mounting bolts should be mounted without missing. In case of structural restriction, the bolt hole must be sealed.  If the bolt hole is filled with silicone, it will leak and dust into the slewing drive. The installation bolt should consider the thread meshing length, should not be too long, otherwise affect the rotation of the slewing support or cause interference;After the bolt is tightened, mark the bolt head and its connection with a line, so as to check whether the bolt is loose later. Refinish during slewing drive installation. Inevitably will cause surface paint bump damage, so, the system after the completion of the final assembly, it is necessary to carry out paint repair to the rotary reducer, to improve the ability of rust, corrosion prevention. 

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