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How mounting can optimize slewing drive performance?

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In the practical application of slewing drive, many times due to the improper method of user in the process of installation, use and maintenance, the slewing drive can not be used properly, which makes the performance of the main engine decline. Therefore, we should pay enough attention to the installation, use and maintenance of rotary drive. Today, we analyze some detail factors that can not be ignored in the correct installation of slewing drive, so that the slewing drive in the installation process to play the maximum performance.


This article contains the following:

  • Basic Installation Steps for Slewing Drive

  • Installation plane

  • Stiffness of support

  • Positioning 

  • Fastening bolts

  • Adjust gear clearance


Basic Installation Steps for Slewing Drive 

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1. open the slewing drive package, check the certificate and signs, and confirm that the slewing drive model used is correct. 

2. the slewing drive should be installed under no-load conditions.

3. Periodic inspection and maintenance

Installation plane

The surface of the slewing drive smooth and clean, and the above excess material such as paint residue, welding beads, burrs and so on to clean, but also to ensure that the installation surface dry, no lubricant. Specifically, to maintain that the mounting surface roughness of the mounting support is not greater than Ra=12.5,6.3μm. In order to avoid the unevenness of the mounting plane or the deformation of the support, the rotation drive local overload, the circumferential flatness error can only have one wave fluctuation in any 180 degree range, and the change is gentle.


Stiffness of support

Standard slewing drive and zero clearance rotary drive have different requirements for the rigidity of the support. Therefore, in the installation, according to the specific slewing drive to select the corresponding stiffness of the support.



The inner and outer ring raceways of slewing drive have a soft belt, which should be placed on both sides of the main load plane. That is ,90 degrees staggered with the main load area. A plug or "S" mark is marked on the tape. Also check the slewing drive and installation surface match, usually using stopper check, if the match is not good, to fill with appropriate material. It is forbidden to weld on the support after slewing drive installation.


Fastening bolts

Use specified bolts, and do not use full thread bolts, do not use old bolts, nuts and washers, do not use open washers such as elastic washers


Adjust gear clearance

It is important to adjust the gear clearance correctly when installing the rotary drive with teeth. It can be measured and adjusted with a stopper at the highest point of the radial runout of the gear, and can also be used as lead wire or other suitable method. If the clearance is not within the specified value, the movable pinion can change the center distance. Turn the slewing drive at least one full circle after adjustment to confirm that there is no other gear jump high, check the slip gap again after the rotary drive is finally fixed. The highest point of the radial runout of the gear is marked in the groove with green paint.

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