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Solar slewing drive

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The slewing drive is a gearbox that can safely hold radial and axial loads, as well as transmit a torque for rotating. The rotation can be in a single axis, or in multiple axes together.Solarslewing drives are made by manufacturing gearing, bearings, seals, housing, motor and other auxiliary components and assembling them into a finished gearbox.Global PV market size continued to grow, global solar photovoltaic industry gradually stepped out of the trough in 2013, and the market scale further expanded.As follow chart.However , global PV manufacturing industry cluster transfer forward China,become the biggest market.

sales number of slewing drive production in solar

Slewing driver by attaching the driving member, the driving source and the casing to one of the inner and outer rings of the slewing ring, the other ring is regarded as both the transmission follower and the connecting base of the driven working member, thus utilizing the slewing bearing itself. It is the whole circumference of the characteristics of the rotary connector, efficient allocation of the drive power source and a main transmission parts, making a set of rotation, deceleration and driving functions in one and the same time simple, easy to manufacture and maintain general structure type reduction gear mechanism.

slewing drive application in solar

Slewing bearing is suitable for solar tracker,model such as single axis and double axis.Of course,there is single worm drive rotary drive;double worm drive rotary driver and special type rotary driver,heavy duty slewing drive.

solar slewing drive

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