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Excavator Swing Bearing Seal Replacement

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The function of the slewing bearing seal is to prevent leakage of lubricating oil, butter, etc., and at the same time, to ensure the normal operation of the slewing bearing and prevent the rotation from malfunctioning.

Excavator swing bearing mainly uses a sealing strip, which is bonded into a circle after scraping. On the one hand, it is to prevent the leaked grease from leaking out, and on the other hand, it is to prevent the dust, impurities and water from entering the inside of the track and pollute the oil and affect its normal operation. In addition, most of the slewing bearings work at heavy loads and low speeds, and the seals are exposed to the outside.

The sealing type of the slewing bearing adopts a rubber seal single seal and a labyrinth seal. The rubber sealing strip seal itself has the advantages of simple structure, small space occupation, reliable sealing performance, etc., and has been widely used, but its disadvantage is that it is exposed outside, and the rubber sealing lip is easy to aging early and lose the seal when it is in a high temperature environment. In order to solve this problem, the slewing bearing working under high temperature conditions should adopt a labyrinth seal, so that the outer sealing strip loses the sealing effect even if it is prematurely aged. Due to the multi-layer sealing, the slewing bearing has a good seal to ensure the support. The normal work.

Always check the seal strip for wear during the operation of the machine, because the structure of the slewing bearing seal strip plays a key role in the sealing performance. When the seal strip and the slewing bearing cannot be completely fitted, it is easy to cause grease leakage. In addition, the aging resistance and the butter resistance of the material of the slewing bearing seal are also problems to be considered. If the sealing strip has a problem, the slewing bearing will be abnormally affected, which seriously affects the performance of the equipment.

Excavator Swing Bearing Seal Replacement:

Excavator Swing Bearing

structural of excavator slewing ring bearing

1. Clean the sealing strip installation groove to remove oil stains;

2, the quality seals that will be purchased are prepared according to the length of the original factory, and one 502 adhesive is prepared;

3, with a flat-blade screwdriver, the sealing strip that is unfolded to the appropriate length is slightly stretched and installed in the groove;

4, the interface is cut into oblique, glued with 502, after solidification, placed in the tank [just as easy to put the elephant into the refrigerator];

Please note that the leaking butter is not a failure of the sealing strip. [The sealing strip only acts as a dust outside to prevent the grease from flowing out - the sealing strip is a one-way seal and the sealing force is not large], but the following reasons:

1, slewing bearing (slewing ring) is excessively lubricated;

2, the machine enters the deep water surface, the grease deteriorates;

3, the hydraulic system components fail to seal, causing the hydraulic oil to enter the slewing bearing (slewing bearing) oil tank and overflow;

4. The slewing bearing (slewing ring) is excessively worn.

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