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slewing ring bearing with external gear

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1.Structural features of external gear slewing bearing

external gear slewing bearing can bear larger rotary torque ,meanwhile, with special sealing structure has good sealing performance. External tooth with double row ball slewing bearing,has two rows equal-diameter rolling bodies, can bear large axial forces,radial forces and tilting moment, with high safety.

double row ball slewing bearing

2.Application field of external gear slewing bearing and introduction of typical application industry

Flanged external gear four-point contact ball thin type slewing bearing, has compact structure, light weight and flexible rotation. Widely used in food machinery, filling machinery, environmental protection machinery and other fields. Land leveler use slewing bearing, single row four-point contact ball with internal gear,it is thin and light weight, the special sealing structure has good sealing performance, High-aerial operating vehicle use slewing bearing,single row four-point contact ball with external gear, compact structure can bear axial force, radial force and tilting moment. British short teeth, has better gear bearing capacity, higher accuracy and the best reliability.

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structure of slewing ring bearing external gear

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