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How to get quality slewing bearings

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Slewing bearings are widely used in cranes, aerial work vehicles, roadheaders, excavators, and propagation machinery. However, there are so many domestic slewing bearing manufacturers.How to get quality slewing bearings.Here is a detailed introduction for everyone:

  1. First, you need to go to the slewing bearing manufacturer for on-site inspection.When you choose to go to the slewing bearing manufacturer, you should carefully observe the manager who received you in the early stage and take you to the factory. Is the manager familiar with the situation of meeting the workshop workers and the workshop? Because the manager receiving you may be just an agent of this manufacturer.


  2. If the company that receives you may be just a distribution, he does not have his own workshop equipment. When you visit them, they may take you to another slewing bearing manufacturer and please pay attention to such situation.

  3. Some small slewing bearing manufacturers may make some hidden clauses that you can't see on the contract agreement, report the price very low, try to meet all your requirements in the negotiation process, they hope you sign the agreement as soon as possible. Wait until you pay the money and find an excuse for more fees. Be vigilant. 

  4. When you communicate with manufacturers, you can ask them about the cases they have established before. If they can't say the details of the cases they created before. Such slewing bearings manufacturers are not reliable.

For the same type of products, you first need to compare the quality. For the same quality products, you need to compare the prices. For the same price, you need to compare the services. As long as you are purchasing the slewing ring, considering the above four points, you will be able to get quality slewing bearings.

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