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Slewing bearing replacement

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slewing bearing as a component of the mechanical equipment,it has a certain service life. Slew bearing replacement is up to its wear condition. The key performance mechanical parts need to be replaced timely.There are several matters need to be considered when replacing slewing bearing as below:


1. Matters need attention for the slew bearing replacement



In the process of slewing bearing disassembly, make sure take and put down the parts gently, to avoid hurting the people around. And it’s better to use special tools to disassemble the slewing ring and make sure the tools at hand,ensure the disassembly process smoothly.


2. Choose the right brand slewing bearing


Since you have to choose to replace the new slewing bearing,firstly we need to choose a high quality slewing bearing.

We Xuzhou Wanda slewing bearing company is a professional slewing bearing manufacturer,we can make a lot of famous brand replacement slewing bearings.Such as Rotek, IMO, Rollix, Rothe Erde, Kaydon,INA,Torriani Gianni....


3. Tighten the screws and lubrication


When replace a new slewing bearing, please remember to change new screw also. Keep in mind that screws must be tightened.In addition,the new slewing bearing need to be greased fully. It can effectively reduce the internal friction, improve the slewing bearing service life. 

slewing bearing service life

For different equipment the slewing bearing replacement methods are different.We Xuzhou wanda slewing bearing company can provide professional slewing bearing replacement technical support for all our customers. If you have any question about slewing bearing replacement please contact us anytime.

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