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How to prevent slewing bearing from rusting?

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 In many fields will be used slewing bearing, but if this part rusts will greatly affect the use of the parts, and even affect the normal use of equipment, so to slewing bearing rust removal also belongs to an important maintenance link., the link and the use of the slewing bearing time is closely related, causing the cause of slewing bearing rust there are many, more complex, and for the rust of the slewing bearing will seriously affect the normal use of equipment, below, slewing bearing manufacturers to introduce specific.


The application of slewing bearing is not only in the field of engineering, such as port equipment, metallurgical equipment, drilling platform and other equipment platform has begun to use a wide range of slewing bearing instead of the original slewing bearing.

Immersion method: that is, some small slewing bearing immersion in rust grease, oil film thickness can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of rust grease, so that its surface adhesion on a layer of rust grease, so as to reduce the probability of rust.


Brush coating: brush coating uniform smear on the surface of the slewing bearing, not to produce accumulation, of course, also pay attention to prevent leakage coating, so as to uniform rust.

Spray method: some large antirust material is not suitable for the use of immersion method coated oil, generally with about 0.7Mpa pressure of filter compressed air in the clean air spraying, spray method applicable solvent dilution type antirust oil or thin layer antirust oil, this method must be used to improve fire prevention and labor protection measures.

     Slewing bearing a kind of relative slewing movement to achieve the object transmission of a component, it needs to bear a variety of forces, is currently China's various mechanical equipment widely used accessories, so, the daily maintenance of slewing bearing is essential, which is the most important maintenance step is rust removal.


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