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How to replace the slewing ring seal

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Many people don’t know how to replace the slewing bearing sealing strip. In fact, the sealing strip replacement is very simple. You only need to master a few steps. Today we explain in detail below.

Replacement standard of slewing ring sealing strip:

1. Clean up the sealing strip installation groove and remove oil stains;


2. Prepare the sealing strip with qualified quality according to the length required by the original manufacturer, and prepare the 502 glue;

3. With a flat-blade screwdriver, slightly stretch the sealing strip expanded to an appropriate length and install it in the groove;

4. Cut the interface into an oblique opening, put on some glue, and after it has solidified, insert it into the slot ;

Please note that leaking grease is not a failure of the sealing strip [the sealing strip is just the dust from the outside and cannot prevent the outflow of grease,the sealing strip is a one-way seal, and the sealing force is not large]

Causes of grease leakage by the following reasons:

1. Excessive lubrication of slewing bearing;

2. When the machine enters deep water surface, the lubricating grease deteriorates;

3. The sealing failure of hydraulic system components causes hydraulic oil to enter the slewing bearing oil tank and overflow [this is a lot of situations];

4.Excessive wear of the slewing rotating bearing[this problem is also too much].


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