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Installation And Replacement of Tower Crane Slewing Bearing

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Installation And Replacement of Tower Crane Slewing Bearing

Tower crane slewing ring is an indispensable part of the tower crane slewing mechanism. We all know that after using the slewing ring for a period of time, there will be a certain degree of wear or consumption. The reason why the tower crane slewing ring consumes fast is:

1. In the choice of slewing bearing, the model is not appropriate, so in the process of work there will be speed, rotation flexibility and load wear.

2. Slewing support in the design and material method, resulting in fast consumption of slewing support.

3. The normal consumption of slewing bearing, slewing bearing in the absence of any defects, there will be the problem of consumption.


Turntable bearings for tower cranes usually adopt small size four point contact ball turntable bearings or double volleyball turntable bearings, the diameter of which is not more than 2 meters.

1. Before installation, the installation datum surface of the slewing bearing and the installation plane of the bracket must be cleaned to remove oil, burr, paint and other foreign bodies.

2. Slewing bearing raceway quenched soft belt (marked with external "S" or plugged hole) should be placed in non-load area or non-regular load area.

3. After lifting the slewing bearing in place, apply the feeler to check the fitting plane

4. Before tightening the mounting bolts, according to the flatness of the highest point of radial runout of the gear pitch circle.If there is a gap should be re-mechanical processing, if it can not be processed can be filled with plastic or local gasket, in order to prevent the bolt after tightening the deformation of the bearing, affect the rotary bearing performance.(3 teeth marked with green paint) Adjust the toothed clearance, and check the toothed clearance once on all the gear rings after the bolts are tightened.

5. Tightening bolts should be carried out symmetrically and continuously in the 180 direction, and the last pass should ensure that the bolts on the circumference have the same pretightening force.


The original part that had better be the same as the original brand with the product when changing, the effect of this appearance is best, must not buy a few quality to do not rely on the product because of disrelish expensive, can bring bigger trouble to oneself only so.

In addition, in the process of replacing the slewing bearing, we should be operated by professionals, and not be able to operate at random, especially before installation, we must remember to disconnect the power supply of the whole machine, plug directly unplug, to ensure the personal safety of the operator.

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